Welcome to our Academy. At Bolton St Catherine's Academy we believe our values are what defines us. The values you see here are what we strive to be as an academy.

It's what makes us I AM BSCA!


What does I AM BSCA mean?

- We want us all to be proud of where we live and who we are.

- Traditional British values -

Keep calm.jpg  - democracy

  - the rule of law

  - individual liberty

  - mutual respect

  - acceptance of those of different faiths and beliefs

- We believe in the community we live, work and go to school in.

- We think people who do the right thing and show IAMBSCA should be rewarded -

          - We are creating a caring community

          - We show compassion to all

          - We show respect for all creation

          - We work for peace and reconciliation

What you value makes up part of who you are -

          - Honesty

          - Hard work

          - Caring

          - Resilience

          - Kindness

          - Fun

          - Ambitious


I AM BSCA Awards

Celebrate our values - to help celebrate these values people can be nominated for an I AM BSCA award.

Who can be nominated - this can be any student, teacher or member of the community who has gone above and beyond to show I AM BSCA. You can nominate the person you think deserves the award, why you think they deserve an award and who you are. That way the person knows who to thank when they win.

How to nominate - if you would like to nominate someone for these awards you can get in touch with us at contact@boltonstcatherinesacademy.org.uk .

Students can obtain a postcard nomination form from the Library, complete and post in the post card located on the Library front desk.

Don't forget. Being IAMBSCA is about how we conduct ouselves, every minute of every day. It defines us. #IAMBSCA