Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

At BSCA we believe that all students have the right to access the curriculum at their level and to make appropriate progress. We understand that 'all teachers are teachers of SEN' (SEND Code of Practice 2004)

Please click on the below document to find out more about what we offer and how we support support our students:

Special Education Needs Local offer


Accessibility Plan

Our aim is to ensure that we meet our legislative requirements and understand our obligations and duties, so that our building is physically accessible to disabled pupils. 

The building was designed and built to ensure all regulations were met or exceeded as well as ensuring the design was welcoming and friendly thereby encouraging pupils to want to engage with school.  We work closely with partner organisations, which includes the Local Authority, to seek advice in providing the best educational experience for all of our pupils.

We have recently reviewed our Accessibility Plan which is awaiting approval from our Governing Body. However, for our current plan please click below for more details:

Accessibility Plan


Additional Needs

We provide a broad and balanced curriculum to meet the needs of our students. Teachers set suitable learning challenges and respond to learners' needs. Some learners have particular, or additionals needs, and we make provision for their requirements to support individuals or groups of learners wherever reasonable adjustment can be made.

Please read the Additional Needs Policy below for further information:

Additional Needs Policy


Speech and Language

Speech, language and communication underpins everything we do. These skills include interacting with others, making our needs known, expressing our likes and dislikes and building relationships. This is particularly importnat within the classroom and children who struggle with such needs are said to have speech and language communication needs.

We offer Speech and Language Therapy for students who have particular need educationally, medically or for social/emotional reasons. Intervention will be undertake after consultation with parents/cares and the SENCO/Inclusion Manager.

Please read the Speech and Laguage Therapy Policy below for further information:

Speech and Language Therapy Policy


Access Arrangements in Assessments and Examinations

The purpose of access arrangements is to enable students who struggle to access exam texts to sit exams. The Academy always follows the recommendations of the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) and employs a member of staff who is fully trained in testing whether students are At Risk Of ('ARQ') dyslexia and who annually updates their JCQ training.

It is important to note that while the Academy takes requests from students, parents and teachers for Access Arrangement assessments, it is bound by legal guidelines and works within the parameters of what the JCQ expects.

Please click on the doucment below for this years access arrangements:

Access Arrangements in Assessments and Examinations - 2017- 2018