Welcome to Bolton St Catherine’s Academy, a centre of learning where achievement, expectation and enjoyment combine.

It is our mission to create an environment where every child and young person is important and where they are guaranteed success.

We are a fully inclusive, purposeful all age Academy that sets high expectations of both our students and our staff. We understand that success stems from positive relationships and people will learn and work far more effectively in an environment where they are happy, feel secure and where they feel they can make a positive contribution.

We have an exciting, engaging and relevant curriculum that responds to the needs of our young people. Our curriculum enables staff to encourage and develop students’ learning through stimulating and modern teaching. We are supported in delivering the curriculum by a fabulous new building with state of the art technology and innovative learning spaces.

Our staff firmly believe that they can make a difference by putting our students at the heart of the educational experience. As well as focusing on their students’ progress, achievement and enjoyment, staff have the flexibility to develop effective and innovative approaches to learning.

Our achievements to date include establishing a new, all age school community, contributing to the design and overseeing the construction of our new state-of the-art premises while maintaining a relentless focus upon raising standards and attainment.

Our team needs to have determination, see challenges as opportunities and have well-honed interpersonal skills. We must be at the top of our game and understand that our student’s achievements are ours and that they are the centre of everything that we do.

If you want to make a difference and feel that you have something to offer us, then we look forward to meeting you soon.