Teaching and Learning

We have an exciting and challenging curriculum designed to meet the needs of all learners.
Our curriculum is inquiry based and encourages the children to be fully involved in their learning, to be curious, ask and answer questions, investigate and explore.

Traditional subjects are delivered largely through units of inquiry which require the children to investigate important concepts and relevant up to date global issues. These units are based on 6 key questions per year group.
During each unit the children are encouraged to gain knowledge, develop attitudes e.g. creativity, enthusiasm and independence, to develop essential skills e.g. thinking and research, communication, social and self-management and to then take action as a result of their learning.

We also provide some single-subject specialist teaching. Modern Foreign Languages, music, R.E. and P.E. We want to enrich the experience of learning as much as possible and so offer a range of extra-curricular activities to allow your child to pursue their own particular interests, become more confident and learn valuable social skills e.g. team work. These include, choir, art club, rounders (summer), football, Jujitsu, homework, book club, dance, higher order thinking skills (puzzles), and a year six residential. We also work with local community groups outside school hours who provide football clubs and parent and children groups.

We deliver a daily synthetic phonics programme to all children in Nursery through to year 3. This is the Letters and Sounds Programme. In years 4 to 6 we offer Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar lessons. Pupils for whom the Letters and Sounds programme does not work are moved to invention phonics using Read, Write Inc.
We ensure the curriculum is appropriate for all students, their age and stage of development, and that they make progression throughout their time with us. We meet the special educational needs of pupils through small learning groups and one to one support when needed.

Through our curriculum we want to develop responsible, global citizens who are fully equipped to meet the challenges of the 21st century. We want your child to become a life-long learner, by enabling them to learn the importance of learning, to enjoy themselves, make friends and have fun!