Independent Learning

Every student is issued with a student planner at the start of every term.  The planner is used as a way of communicating between school and home. It is a place to record homework, track reading, track attendance, support literacy and is used in class to support our climate for learning.

It is a great tool to help you monitor your child's attendance, punctuality and homework and it also can be used as a tool to communicate with teachers. Please could you sign it each week to indicate you have seen your child's planner.

Why Independent Learning?

Independent learning has a very important place in education. It is set for several reasons:

  • To complete work started in class:
  • To allow individual coursework to be undertaken
  • To give practice in new ideas
  • To encourage students to work independently
  • To improve learning completed in class (Read and Respond)
  • To revise a subject or unit within a subject
  • To stretch and challenge
  • To develop resilience which will help all students prepare for examinations

In order to support students with independent learning, we recommend the following steps to all students:

Independent Learning.jpg

We hope that all parents support this by:

  • Providing a quiet area for homework to be done
  • Ensuring that homework is not 'skipped'
  • Taking an interest in what your child is doing
  • Listen to students read or encourage/monitor independent reading out of school

Students may be asked to learn, collect, observe or undertake a practical task. Our Library is open after school should students wish to use this facility to complete their homework.