Key Stage 3 (Years 7 and 8) and 4 (Years 9 - 11)

Our Approach to the Curriculum

The Academy has a vibrant and exciting curriculum that responds to the needs of children and young people. We encourage and develop the love of learning and use interests to motivate and stimulate students.

Developing positive attitudes to life and learning are as important as knowledge, all subject and study areas consider these in their curriculum. Establishing good core skills in literacy and numeracy is a central feature of the curriculum. These ‘tools’ unlock access to so many other areas of knowledge.

The curriculum provides for progression from when ever a young person joins us to the age of 19 and progression from compulsory education (to 16) to the new 6th form is actively encouraged.

The secondary curriculum initially focuses on consolidating learning skills but quickly diverges to offer an excellent range of traditional academic subjects together with a wealth of vocational options. These opportunities are blended together to ensure that each individual follows a curriculum best suited to their needs.

To find out more about the curriculum we are following, please do not hesitate to contact Mr Williams, our Deputy Headteacher responsible for our curriculum on 01204 332533.