Teaching & Learning

Bolton St Catherine’s Academy is proud of the progress we achieve with all our students’ learning. We focus on making sure the teaching is as personalised as possible, whilst establishing plenty of routines to ensure students know what is expected of them, and to enable learning to be the main focus of the day.

Our curriculum follows national expectations, with students following a broad mix in the first 3 years of their life here, going on to specialise in the following 2 years, allowing them to reach their full potential in subjects they enjoy.

The ability of the Academy to personalise learning and achieve success, especially with students who may have Special Educational Needs, has been recognised through the commissioning of our ASD unit by Bolton Council.

This encourages its cohort of students to participate in mainstream lessons, and, where appropriate, delivers specialised learning in small groups. This highly effective model is repeated throughout learning in the Academy, with different groups of students with differing needs across the whole spectrum of abilities benefitting from teaching that is personalised to them.