Dress with Pride

We believe that it is vital that we encourage all our students to “wear their uniform with pride”. It teaches them the value of looking smart and helps them gain a sense of belonging to the school community. It also provides the self-discipline needed in later life when they go into the world of work.  No matter what career they wish to pursue; surgeons, mechanics, beauticians, flight attendants, athletes and accountants, are all expected to “wear their uniform with pride”.

We would be grateful if you could support your child to ensure they are complying with the Academy’s Uniform Policy, including the correct footwear.

If there are circumstances preventing your child from wearing full uniform, you MUST advise us via a written note as soon as possible. We wish to see all students in full uniform, but we are able to consider assistance in cases of genuine hardship.    

 Compulsory Uniform Requirements:

Compulsory   Uniform Requirements

Black blazer with logo

Black tailored trousers

White shirt/blouse (rever collar)

Tie/scarf (see overleaf for the design for each year group)

Black plain shoes (see overleaf for further advice)

Girls – in addition they can also wear

Pleated skirts can also be worn but have to be just above knee length and no   shorter

Black knee length socks or plain black   opaque or flesh coloured tights

Further Requirements

Earrings are limited to one pair of plain studs only. No other jewellery   including rings or facial piercings is allowed

Makeup, including nail varnish/acrylic   nails are not permitted

Hair should be appropriately styled for school, creating a positive   impression of our community


Tie Designs for Each Year:

Years 7, 8 and 9 will all be wearing the same tie and scarf, the thick turquoise stripe design, and will be available from either SMART clothing or Whittakers in Bolton Town Centre.  Year 7, 8 & 9 Tie Photograph.png                 

Year 10 and 11 will be wearing, the thick silver stripe design, and Year 10 will be issued their new ‘senior’ tie or scarf by the Academy in September. Additional supplies of the Year 10/11 tie and scarf can be purchased from the Academy. Year 10 & 11 Tie Photograph.png

 Compulsory PE Kit - MUST be regulation garments with the Academy logo:



Royal/white multi sports top

White polo shirt   (with logo)

Black shorts (with logo)

Black shorts (with   logo)

Sports socks - black with blue top

Sports socks- black   with blue top

When participating in PE lessons   outside

Students may wear the optional   ‘regulation fleece’ –

a black ¼ zip fleece top (with   logo) over their regulation top or alternatively over a plain white base   layer


Where to Buy:

Uniforms and PE kits can be bought from -

Footwear Requirements:

Manufacturers are very adept at designing trainer and fashion shoes that are black but not an appropriate school shoe.  To avoid parents making expensive mistakes we have put together examples of an appropriate school shoe and those which are not.

Where to Buy:

Whilst not advocating where school shoes must be purchased, all the correct shoes below are available from – Wynsors - 224 Blackburn Road, or online at www.wynsors.com

Girls - Acceptable

 Girls Acceptable Shoe Photograph 1.jpg       Girls Acceptable Shoe Photograph 3.jpg     Girls Acceptable Shoe Photograph 2.jpg

 Boys – Acceptable

Boys Acceptable Shoe Photograph 1.jpg       Boys Acceptable Shoe Photograph 2.jpg       Boys Acceptable Shoe Photograph 3.jpg

 Heels, trainers and coloured rims - Unacceptable

Unacceptable Shoe Photograph 1.jpg          Unacceptable Shoe Photograph 2.jpg      Unacceptable Shoe Photograph 3.jpg