English and Communication


Key Stage 3 English will build on the knowledge, understanding and skills which students have been taught at Key Stage 2.

The three key areas of focus are reading, writing and spoken language. Reading is wide, varied and challenging. Students are expected to read whole books in depth and to read for pleasure and information.  They also write for a variety of purposes and audiences, focusing on accuracy of language, correct usage of spelling, punctuation and grammar.  The range of texts and topics gives the students a solid foundation for the curriculum ahead in Key Stage 4.

The curriculum recognises the importance of spoken language, this underpins the development of reading and writing through individual and group talk. This runs alongside a range of drama based activities.


Accelerated Reader (AR) Programme and Reading

This computer based programme monitors students' independent reading levels. It is very popular with students of all abilities and improves their reading ages.

In Year 7 students will -

Take a 'STAR Reading' test which will provide us with a correct reading age and book levelHave a 50min reading lesson each week for AR in the LibraryRead their AR or 'Free Reading' book in each English lesson for 20 minutes On completing their AR book they will take the book's online quiz - the pass mark is 60% or 70% depending on the book levelMove up within their levels if they pass the quiz or they will choose another book at the same level should they fail Be rewarded for each book they pass and can also receive end of term prizesThere is an expectation that reading takes place weekly at home, as a part of English homework, in addition to any other work that is set by class teachers.   Students must test at a minimum of once a half term if they are on AR, or complete a book review if they are a 'Free Reader.'

For further information please use this link for a full parents guide to Accelerated Reader. http://goo.gl/ZEkaQp

All years


Enrichment opportunities

The English Department organizes a range of extra-curricular enrichment opportunities including: poetry and creative writing days, theatre visits, workshops, author visits, off-site revision and motivation workshops.

Future opportunities

The study of English language and English literature at Bolton St Catherine's Academy enhances life-long opportunities for all learners.

Through an innovative and inclusive curriculum, students are equipped with a strong command of written and spoken language, underpinned by high standards of literacy, and an appreciation of literature and reading for pleasure: all components that are essential for any future employment opportunities.

The Bolton St Catherine's Academy English Department provides the rigor and challenge necessary for students to succeed, alongside developing a lifelong passion for the study of English.

Whatever your future goals and ambitions, having a passing qualification in English language and literature will definitely help you to achieve any future aims quicker.