Mathematics and Business


This subject has been designed to enable students to develop fluent knowledge, skills and understanding of mathematical methods and concepts. This will provide them with a strong foundation for further academic and vocational study and employment.

Year 9-11 will learn about these key course topics: Number, Ratio, Algebra Geometry, Data Handling and Probability.

Enrichment opportunities:

UKMT Intermediate Maths Challenge, Mathletics Competitions at External Venues, Taster Days in Colleges.

Future opportunities:

Accountancy, Actuary, Architect, Computer Game Programmer, Teaching, Cryptography, Engineering.


Business Studies (Years 9-11)

On this practical, work-related course, you will complete projects and assignments that are based on realistic workplace situations, activities and demands. You have to collect your own information and produce solutions that are relevant for the industry.

Enterprise in the Business World

In this unit you will know how trends and the current business environment may impact on a   business and plan an idea for a new business.

Finance for Business

In this unit you will understand the costs involved in business and how businesses make a   profit.

Principles of Marketing

In this unit you will explore the role of marketing within businesses and consider how   businesses use market research to make marketing decisions.

Recruitment, Selection and Employment

In this unit you will apply your own skills and expertise towards applying for a job within an   organization. You will need to understand how to produce a CV correctly,   whilst ensuring you are able to talk about yourself positively and   professionally.

Enrichment opportunities:

Barclays Premier League Enterprise Challenge

Visits to Bolton Wanderers, Cadburys World and Jaguar Factory

Future opportunities:

  • A BTEC in Business Studies is a great foundation for future career progression. If you are thinking about a career in advertising, marketing or even the police, NHS or teaching, getting an understanding of how to be successful in the working world.
  • You will come away from the BTEC with an appreciation for management techniques, finance considerations and influences on businesses.
  • This course will prepare you for both further education and employment.