Exam Information Summer 2018

Summer Examinations - Monday 14 May 2018 to Tuesday 26 June 2018.

Students in Years 10,11 & 13 are not permitted to take holidays during this period.

Public Examinations

Public Examination dates are set by the exam boards and examinations take place all over the country at the same time. Morning exams start promptly at 9am and afternoon exams at 1.20pm. They will be held in the Academy Main Hall or other designated rooms.  Students must memorise their exam candidate number and line up for their examination promptly after checking their seat number on the examination seating lists displayed in the notice board next to the Main Hall. If students are late they may not be allowed to take the exam and if allowed, the exam board can refuse to mark the paper.


If a student is ill on the day of any exam and is so sick that he/she cannot attend the Academy, a parent or carer MUST ring the school immediately to inform the Attendance Officer so that the relevant exam board can be notified of the reason for the absence. As evidence of the sickness a medical certificate should be obtained which must be signed by the doctor.  The certificate should be sent to the Attendance Office at the earliest opportunity so that the relevant exam board can be notified of the reasons for the absence.


Equipment should be in a clear pencil case or clear plastic bag.  Students are responsible for their own equipment e.g. if a calculator is brought in it is the student's responsibility to ensure it works and has working batteries.  A small supply of equipment is available in school in the event a student does not have all they need for an examination.

Examination Clash

If there is an examination clash exams will be undertaken one after the other, with a supervised rest break in-between. The Examinations Officer will be aware of this situation and will contact affected students in advance of their examination.


Valuable items should not be brought into school as they cannot be taken into the exam area and must be left in designated areas. The Academy takes no responsibility for items lost or stolen.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones must not be taken into the examination room or anywhere near the room.  If a mobile is found on a student or even if a phone goes off during an exam their examination paper may be disqualified.  


No drinks may be taken into the examination room, water will be provided on request.

Examination Certificates

Results will be available for external examinations for Year 10, 11 and 13 students in summer 2018.

Results will be published for A Level/GCE on Thursday 16th August 2018 and for GCSE's on Thursday 23rd August 2018.

The certificates will be available around November 2018 at Presentation Evening or for collection from school where they must be signed for. These certificates are very important and cannot be replaced – when you apply college, university and jobs you will need to show your certificates to prove your qualifications.


Access Arrangements in Assessments and Examinations

The purpose of access arrangements is to enable students who struggle to access exam texts to sit exams. The Academy always follows the recommendations of the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) and employs a member of staff who is fully trained in testing whether students are At Risk Of ('ARQ') dyslexia and who annually updates their JCQ training.

It is important to note that while the Academy takes requests from students, parents and teachers for Access Arrangement assessments, it is bound by legal guidelines and works within the parameters of what the JCQ expects.

Please click on the doucment below for this years access arrangements:

Access Arrangements in Assessments and Examinations - 2017- 2018