Careers Plan 2017/2018 - Year by Year Provision

Whole School Aim: To empower students to take responsibility for their futures and develop the skills and knowledge needed to make informed decisions in order to achieve their aspirations.


Year 7 Theme – Awakening Aspiration

Year 7 Overall outcomes: This year students will consider what makes them unique as well as examining their own aspirations in relation to their future. Careers and employability activities will address this aim by encouraging students to research and consider a large range of inspiring careers with the purpose of awakening and raising aspirations about the future. Students will also develop their skills of self-awareness.


Year 8 Theme – Becoming Enterprising

Year 8 Overall outcomes: This year students will consider what it means to be enterprising and what skills individuals need in order to be enterprising as well as those valued by employers more broadly. They will also look at how skills and interests may help them when thinking about what jobs might suit them as well as using their own independent research skills to find out about qualification routes into different jobs.


Year 9 Theme – Making Decisions

Year 9 Overall outcomes: This year students will choose their KS4 options therefore they will focus on decision making skills. Students will be enabled to make choices effectively and they will take part in sessions and activities that will raise aspirations around future career and education pathways in order that they are equipped to make fully informed choices in the future.


Year 10 Theme – Personal Brand

Year 10 Overall outcomes: All students will develop their employability skills and ideally secure a work experience placement and practice how to conduct themselves when in a 'world of work' situation.


Year 11 Theme – Making Informed Choices for Post 16 Pathways – Preparation and Application

Year 11 Overall outcomes: This year students will create an action plan for their post-16 journey focussing on acting upon and achieving their dreams. The outcomes of this year are very important and having a target and 'exit plan' related to careers and education pathways and grades will be paramount. All students to have access to qualified guidance professional giving independent advice and guidance to help them make a successful transition into further education or employment and beyond. All learners should have a good understanding of the next steps they need to take to put their plans into action.

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