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Bolton St Catherine's Academy

Bolton St Catherine's Academy


At Bolton St Catherine's Academy, we recognise that history is a key curriculum driver, which supports learning across other curriculum areas.

Our history intent is “Inspiring a curiosity of the past”. We inspire young historians and give them the skills, knowledge and learning experiences that promote an enthusiasm for and enjoyment of history. Knowledge (disciplinary and substantive) progresses from EYFS through to the end of KS2 in a carefully structured sequence. Our curriculum empowers children to make sense of the world around them; broadening and deepening a curiosity about people and places.

History Skills

Embedded within our curriculum are the six disciplinary skills that we feel are essential for demonstrating key progress as a historian from EYFS to Year 6.


We ensure that the children are confident in each of these six key skills by revisiting them and increasing how independent children can be when using them.


  • Questioning
  • Chronological Sequencing
  • Developing enquiry
  • Source work
  • Grouping and sorting
  • Explaining


History Threads

Interleaving our curriculum are six key historical threads. With a focus on these, we allow our children to make connections and comparisons across history topics throughout EYFS to Year 6.


  • Movement of People
  • Conflict
  • Religion
  • Arts and Culture
  • Technological Development
  • Dwellings and Lifestyle


 Yearly Curriculum Overview

Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Year 1 What was life like when our grandparents were children?  Did the great fire make London better or worse? Who were L S Lowry and Peter Bruegel?
Year 2 How did the first flight change the world? Why is Samuel Crompton remembered? Who were the greatest explorers? Neil Armstrong and Christopher Columbus.
Year 3 Who First Lived in Britain? How can we rediscover the wonder of Ancient Egypt? How can we rediscover the wonder of Ancient Egypt?
Year 4 What happened when the Romans came to Britain? Why should gunpowder, treason and plot never be forgotten? What would you have done after school 100 years ago?
Year 5 Was the Anglo-Saxon period really a dark age? Where did all the mills go? What did the Greeks do for us?
Year 6 Were the Vikings always vicious and victorious? Why should we remember the Maya? How did Britain change from William the Stone Age to William the Conqueror?