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Bolton St Catherine's Academy

Bolton St Catherine's Academy

Literacy Intervention

BSCA Literacy Intervention Summary

Summative assessment using DRA for reading age and standard score, WRAT Comprehension for standard score and Vernons for spelling age and standard score.

From the results of this assessment, pupils are identified for Literacy Intervention and grouped with pupils with similar scores (groups vary from one to one up to six).

All interventions have a baseline assessment and final assessment to show overall achievement and impact of the intervention. Targets are set and achieved throughout the intervention to measure and demonstrate progress.

Pupils are withdrawn from non-core subjects for time limited interventions, dependent on need. Progress is reviewed during interventions, as outlined above, and next steps are then decided through discussion with the SENDCo and other school leaders. 

The outcome for all Literacy interventions is that the pupils raise their reading age and standard scores in at least one area of literacy.


Year 7 (Under 75 standard score in reading and comprehension)

Read Write Inc Fresh Start

(Full year)

Phonic Skills, sight words, comprehension, inference and Spelling

Objective – To improve reading and spelling skills.

Year 7 (76-84 standard score in reading, comprehension and spelling)

Literacy Basic Skills -      Punctuation (Capital Letters, full stops)

(One term)                           Using Commas


                                                Contractions and Connectives

                                                Past and Present Tenses





                                                Consolidating Word types


Objective – To build on basic literacy skills and fill any gaps in knowledge.              


Retrieval -                           Seeing what you read

(Half term)                           Looking for clues

                                                Seeing actions and colours

                                                Feeling what you read

                                                Reading like a detective

Objective – To be able to identify and retrieve information from text.


Inference -                          Understanding inference

(Half Term)                           Inference from text

                                                Brutus the Bull

                                                First Impressions

                                                Reference Text

                                                Consolidating Learning

Objective – To be able to infer from a piece of text.


Descriptive Writing -      Metaphors

(Half Term)                           Alliteration


                                                Narrative devices

                                                Describing a setting

                                                Describing a character

                                                Using Senses

Objective – To be able to produce a good piece of descriptive writing.


Developing Vocab -         Introduction

(Half Term)                           Categorising Adjectives

                                                Feeling Words

                                                Word Mapping

                                                Putting words into action

Objective – To improve vocabulary knowledge and write using more adventurous language. 

Year 8

Fix It Writing -                   Sentences

(One Term)                          Punctuating sentences and word groups recap


                                                Commas for meaning and dramatic effect

                                                Starting sentences

                                                Expanding sentences

                                                Verb form and Tenses


Objective – to build on basic literacy skills and improve writing further.


Story Writing                     Story writing

(Half Term)                           Stages of a story

                                                Introduction to genre

                                                Direct and Indirect speech

                                                Planning a good story

                                                Opening a story

                                                Ghost story

                                                Guy Fawkes Night

Objective – To improve planning and writing a good story.


Active Reading                 Using your experience

(Half Term)                           Thinking aloud

                                                Reading like a detective

                                                Showing not telling

                                                Using Context

                                                Consolidating Learning

Objective – To improve reading accuracy, pace, and expression, and improve comprehension skills and be able to discuss a text.


Opinion Writing                Fact or Opinion

(Half Term)                           Balanced Argument

                                                Article and Letter Writing

                                                Writing a good discussion piece

Objective – To be able to understand the difference between fact and opinion and be able to write a balance argument.

 Year 9, 10, 11

Reciprocal Reading       Comprehension

(Open ended)                    Pig Heart Boy


Objective – To be able to predict, question, clarify and summarise texts.  To be able to answer comprehension questions in a GCSE style.


Improving Literacy Skills  Topic Sentences

(One Term)                          Writing Paragraphs

                                                Cohesive Devices

                                                Comparing and Contrasting

                                                Linking paragraphs

                                                Writing formally

Objective – To deepen knowledge of literacy skills to improve writing for GCSEs.                                                                                                  


Handwriting (All years referred in by teaching staff)

(Open ended)

Objective – To improve handwriting skills so that writing can be read by teachers and examiners.


Lexia PowerUp Computer Programme (All years, 100 licences available, allocated by Literacy Booster Coordinator)

  • Word building
  • Comprehension
  • Grammar

Objective – To improve standard scores in reading accuracy and comprehension through activities linked to word study, grammar and comprehension.