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Bolton St Catherine's Academy

Bolton St Catherine's Academy

Our Library

The library is proud to be an integral part of each student's journey at BSCA. We are here to support pupils in both the primary and secondary phases and to foster a love of reading in all.

In addition to our printed resources, we also provide space for students to share their own written work with others, whether this be poetry, short stories, or non-fiction in a bright and welcoming environment, students are able to study, read, and enjoy the wealth of resources that the library has to offer. From the latest in award-winning children's fiction, to up-to-date GCSE resources and career guides, our printed collection is constantly evolving, but always relevant, diverse and academically rigorous.

The library is open before school, at lunch-time and after school. Split into 'zones', with quiet areas for revision and reading, and a 'Games Zone' for students to play chess, Scrabble, or any one of a range of popular board games. Laptops are available after school for revision purposes and Year 11 have one dedicated after-school session per week. There is also a popular KS3 book club that runs after school. 

BSCA recognises and promotes the value of reading. The library supports fortnightly reading lessons in KS3, providing the opportunity for students to develop reading fluency and ensuring that all students can engage with the wide range of quality resources available. We are also committed to providing access to published authors whenever possible, to deepen student engagement.

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