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Bolton St Catherine's Academy

Bolton St Catherine's Academy

Our Library

The library is proud to be an integral part of each student's journey at BSCA. We are here to support pupils in both the primary and secondary phases and to foster a love of reading in all.

The library is a bright and welcoming environment which our primary students visit in regular slots. Here, students listen to extracts of books from new and familiar authors and can select books from a wide range of fiction and non-fiction. Our displays showcase the latest in award-winning fiction, alongside familiar classics of children's literature.

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The library also provides a broad selection of books for use with the 'Accelerated Reader' scheme which is used in the primary phase to assist in the development of reading.

Our library 'topic boxes' support the primary curriculum by providing relevant and engaging resources linked to current areas of study. These are delivered to primary staff in each year group at the start of every term.

BSCA recognises and promotes the value of reading. The library offers a mobile service to visit classrooms to share reading successes and introduce new titles, ensuring that all students can engage with the wide range of quality resources available. We are also committed to providing access to published authors whenever possible, to deepen student engagement.

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