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Bolton St Catherine's Academy

Bolton St Catherine's Academy

PE and Sports

As an Academy we want to instil a love of a healthy lifestyle through a healthy mind and a healthy body. To help us achieve this goal, alongside a broad and balanced PE curriculum, we utilise the additional funding received from Sport Premium funding. This money is spent on extra-curricular PE teaching, which the teachers of PE and sports coaching for all year groups (Foundation Stage to Year 6).  In addition we are able to offer supplementary swimming in the school curriculum - last year 96% of pupils leaving Year 6 had passed their KS2 swimming assessment. 

Sport Premium money is used to enable us to offer free sports clubs to all pupils after school. These include Football, Dance and Multi-Skills. These are offered on a rolling programme across the age ranges in school.

Our in school curriculum offers a broad range of sports.  In Foundation Stage and KS1 our aim is to develop Fundamental Motor Skills (FMS on our long term overview) developing agility, balance and coordination.  In KS2 children, will learn how to use these skills in a broader range of sports and in more complex ways, with a focus on communicating, collaborating and competing.

We are also able to participate in regular inter school competitions, using the money to pay additional staff cost and transport after school. These competitions ensure our most talented pupils can participate against peers of high skill and talent level and also for other pupils to experience sporting competition.

All children leaving the Primary Phase last year had represented the Academy, at least once, in competitive sports against children their own age.

The money also ensures we have high quality resources to support the development of sport across the school. As well as getting sport specific specialists into offer taster sessions for sports that do not have a high profile in the UK (i.e. Gaelic Football, Handball, Tchoukball). We also work with Firwood School, with whom we are co-located, to experience disability sports like Goalball. The Year 6 residential allows the children to access outdoor adventure sports like rock climbing and abseiling.

We have also introduced Sports Ambassadors.  These children have demonstrated, and continue to demonstrate our four key values (believe, strive, care and achieve) during PE lessons, extra-curricular clubs and playtime games. Our sports ambassadors play a number of key roles:

  • Run games at lunchtime
  • Attend a training course after school.
  • Help run and organise Sports Day
  • Always be an example on the playground, in PE lessons and in extra-curricular activities.
  • Be ready for any other sporting needs throughout the year.

As a Primary Phase we have outside links with local sports clubs. These include Breightmet Wanderers Football Club and Tonge Cricket Club.


Yearly Overview: