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Bolton St Catherine's Academy

Bolton St Catherine's Academy

Reward and Recognition

Bolton St Catherine’s Academy is a community that nurtures and supports every child; that values everyone’s unique worth and contribution; that empowers every member to achieve their fullest potential; that opens up a world of opportunities.

It  is  a  place  of  safety  where  firm  boundaries  guide  and  support;  where  high expectations lead to lifelong learning; where care and respect build self-esteem and self-belief.

It is a gateway to limitless possibilities; to soaring aspirations; to brighter futures. We aim to achieve this through our school values:



  • Establishing clear expectations of behaviour


  • Encouraging pupils to conduct themselves in a responsible, reflective and self-disciplined manner


  • Providing opportunities to develop empathy and, caring about the needs and rights of others.
  • All pupils and staff being treated with respect
  • To prevent all forms of bullying.


  • Working  together  with  parents/carers  to  create  a  partnership between home and school.
  • Pupils to have a structure in place for them to be their best.


Student recognition

Each lesson, staff give recognition to students who have demonstrated our values or desired  learning  behaviours  in  an  exceptional  way. At Bolton  St  Catherine’s Academy, we believe that the key to promoting positive behaviour is through praise and rewards. Some of the ways we do this are:

  • Awarding Class Dojo points for the school values
  • Verbal praise / stickers
  • Star charts for individual pupils where the need arises
  • Certificates and notes home(paper and via Class Dojo)
  • Celebration assemblies
  • Providing opportunities for peers to praise each other through peer assessment •Celebrating pupils who have ‘turned their behaviour around’
  • Text messages home Class Dojo is used to award ‘Positive’ points to students, which can be given for each of the Academy’s core values:


Points can be deducted where students’ attitude to learning ‘Needs Work’:  three points  deducted  for ‘Lost  Learning’ and  five  points  deducted  for ‘Disrespectful’ behaviour there are also neutral points for warnings.

Through  Class  Dojo,  students  also  have  the  opportunity to ‘Redeem’ points for rewards. Students are able to work towards class-specific rewards including  extra  playtime,  laptop  /  iPad  time  etc.  to  be arranged on a class by class basis. Lost Learning–will be caught up through class teacher catch-up sessions at the next available social time.

Disrespectful behaviour – will   result   in   opportunity   for   restorative   conversation triangulated between child, staff and member of SLT and will have a mutually agreed consequence, which the parent may need to be informed of.


Core Value Ribbons

By  demonstrating  the  Academy’s  core  values  of  #Believe,  #Strive,  #Care  and #Achieve through all aspects of school life, students can earn their ‘Ribbon’, a festival style bracelet worn on the wrist. To earn a ribbon of each colour within the year, students must achieve a minimum number of points for each of the Academy’s core values.



Every   Year   group   in   Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 has a  list  of  over  20  challenges to  complete  over  the  year based   on   the   Academy core  values:  Believe,  Strive, Care  and  Achieve  called #IAMBSCA Primary Awards that allows students to demonstrate the activity they have undertaken to embody the Academy core values and BE the school, recognising that BSCA is nothing, without its pupils.

At the end of each term, progress towards the  Award is measured and recognised through the awarding of multi-level pins.

  • Completing 50% of the challenges secures the Bronze Award
  • Completing 75% of the challenges secures the Silver Award
  • Completing 90% of the challenges secures the Gold Award
  • Completing 95%+ of the challenges gains your IAMBSCA Colours.


The  aim  for  students,  is  to  attain  IAMBSCA  Colours  before  the  end  of  the  year.  In recognition for each award students receive a certificate a prestigious metal pin that they can wear with pride. At the end of each half term there is an IAMBSCA  Awards presentation as a whole school, in which successes are celebrated and shared.