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Bolton St Catherine's Academy

Bolton St Catherine's Academy


Designated Safeguarding Leads

Contact no: 01204 33 25 33


Designated Safeguarding Leads provide safeguarding support for the whole Academy, liaising closely with Bolton Council, emergency services and other relevant supporting organisations.

Our safeguarding team have a duty of care to ensure all our pupils are safe and supported both in school and at home. We work closely with other agencies to ensure the best help and that support is put in place for both students and families.

We are a part of Team Around School.

Safeguarding Team (ID 1255)

During the school day staff may be dealing with a number of support requests therefore we are unable to respond to walk-in appointments. We would like to give time to any parent or carer who may have a safeguarding concern therefore please contact main reception on: 01204 332533 once connected please ask the member of staff to contact the safeguarding team to return a call to you. Please leave your full name, your child’s full name and year group and a contact number.

We CANNOT discuss any children with anyone who is not named as a contact for that child.

If you have any immediate concerns about immediate risk of harm to a child or young person who attends our school during out of hours please contact the Police on 999.  

If you would like to find out more about our safeguarding support please go back to the home page and select the school phase your child attends.

If you would like further information and support for children’s social services please follow this link:

Worried about a child? – Bolton Safeguarding Children


You can also look at the Bolton Christian Community Cohesion booklet for lots of useful information and contacts. This includes:

 General advice

Housing advice/issues and homeless issues

Children and Young People’s Services

Drop-in Centres


Immigration Advice

Human Trafficking

Debt management

Job Support

Care for the Elderly

Mental Health Support

Counselling Services

Addiction Support and Advice

Suicide Support/Domestic Abuse/Hate Crime

Other health related services

Faith-based Contacts

Other useful contacts

 Click here to view the booklet: Bolton Christian Community Cohesion booklet