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Bolton St Catherine's Academy

Bolton St Catherine's Academy

Student Ethos Council

The Ethos Council was created in September 2022 and is a merger of the Student Council and the Ethos Group. 

The Student Council had been involved in giving all pupils a voice in the operation of school.  Previously they have helped to raise funds for playground equipment, suggested visitors to come to school and helped to develop the in school reward system that we have in school. 

The Ethos Group have delivered assemblies, in conjunction with, The Children Changing Places Project with the Manchester Diocese.  They have developed messages about BLM and created innovative ways to deliver the messages they care about to school.

The merger of these two groups is to give the elected members (2 children are elected by Democratic vote) from each year 2 to year 6 is aimed at making this group more pro-active and an even more powerful children’s voice in school.

Children are always encouraged to suggest ways that school could be better and should use their class representatives to do this.