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Bolton St Catherine's Academy

Bolton St Catherine's Academy

Welcome to Bolton St Catherine's Academy


It has been my privilege to be Headteacher of BSCA for the last seven years. In that time we have grown and developed into an even more values based organisation.

Our vision and values define who we are, what we believe in, and how we deliver what we hope to be - a world class education to every single student in our Academy.

We are unashamedly ambitious for all our young people. They deserve the very best and it is my job to make sure we deliver.

We believe passionately in the ability of all our students to “ achieve their excellence” in every single lesson, every day, every year.

Our students are valued as individuals – we recognise, nurture, celebrate and develop God given talents and abilities so that the students not only achieve outstanding exam results, but leave the Academy as well-rounded, thoughtful and delightful young adults.

Every interaction with our students centres around our four key values- believe, strive, care and achieve. These are the bedrock of the academy.

For the students to believe in themselves and the community, to strive for their excellence, to care for the themselves and the world around them, and ultimately achieve their own excellence.


In the secondary phase every day begins with RISE time at 8.30am, where we start the day reminding the students about who we are as an Academy and how our values should shape their day. 

RISE - recognition, inspiration, support and engagement.

We use this time to hone key literacy and numeracy skills, as well as recognising individuals, and groups of students who have achieved their excellent the previous day.

We send them on their way to their lessons having had a positive reinforcement of what successful attitudes to learning look like. We feel this routine and positive start to the day is the best way for the students to start their daily leaning journey.

This routine at the start to the day is just one example of how consistent routines define much of our day at BSCA. Students have a sense of belonging and reassurance because they know the routines we use and understand why we use them.


This year, with students, we have further developed how we feel and show belonging to the Academy. We established a set of six key ways in which we felt showed a sense of belonging:

WE BELONG: when we have opportunities to build strong friendships.

WE BELONG: when trusted adults know us and support us.

WE BELONG: when relationships are built on equality.

WE BELONG: when we feel safe in school and protected by others.

WE BELONG: when we experience joy and peace in school.

WE BELONG: when we can safely share our feelings with people that we trust.

I hope from this brief introduction about us you feel the sense of pride we have in our students, and the way we support and develop them.


Our curriculum reflects this as it designed not only to meet all the needs of students but provide an ambitious grounding for future study and work - preparing our students for their future.

Our curriculum develops successful learners who enjoy learning, achieve their excellence, are literate, make outstanding progress and can thrive in further education and the workplace.

We want our student to be confident learners who strive to live healthy and fulfilling lives, We strive for them to be responsible citizens who can make a positive contribution to society and demonstrate all this under the watchful guardianship  of God.


Finally, all this is not achieved without a truly amazing team of staff - our BSCA family. They not only go the extra mile for the students in their care, but also for the wider BSCA family. Our Christian foundation teaches us how we care and love our neighbour and I see that every single day.

Our school is open to all and we are always delighted to welcome visitors into our Academy to see what we are all about. If you wish to come and take a look around during the school day please do contact us and I will be delighted to show you around.


Best wishes

Rachael Lucas