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Bolton St Catherine's Academy

Bolton St Catherine's Academy

What to do if... are late

The student entrance is on Newby Road, and you must be through the gates before 8.28am, at which point they are locked. Therefore, if you are late, you will need to sign in at the main reception which is located on Stitch-Mi-Lane. You will need to sign yourself in to ensure that you receive a mark, and then go straight to RISE or your lesson. It is extremely important that you sign in so that we have a record of attendance in case of fire and emergency. If you are late you will receive a 30 minute detention unless you have an authorised reason.

...I need the toilet during lesson

You are not allowed to go to the toilet during lesson time, unless you have a toilet pass due to a medical condition or it is an emergency. Therefore, make sure you use the toilets during break times. are in school and don’t feel well

If you genuinely do not feel very well, you should inform your teacher how you are feeling. They will be able to assess if you need some ‘timeout’ or be sent to your Head of Year (or another member of the pastoral team), so that they can speak to you. You will not be able to leave school without permission from your Head of Year who would issue you an exit permit.

...I have a medical appointment

It is best if appointments are made outside of school hours, however, we know this isn’t always possible. If you do have to attend a medical appointment during the school day you must bring the appointment letter or card into school, and show the Attendance Team as proof, and to be authorised.

...I need to contact home

If you need to call home during the school day you should go to your Head of Year either before school, at break time, lunch time or after school.

…you have no money on your ScoPay account to pay for lunch

You will still be able to have a lunch, but your account on ScoPay will go into deficit (debt), and you should let your parents/carers know that they need to put money on your ScoPay account. 

...I have forgotten some of my ‘work ready’ items or uniform

If you are not work ready i.e. are not wearing full uniform, come to school in non-authorised footwear or uniform, you will be placed on a dentention. In some cases, you may also be sent home to collect your missing items. Exceptions can only be agreed by your Head of Year.

...I have forgotten my PE kit

School do have spare ‘lost’ PE kit that students can wear, however, you can go to your Form Tutor or Head of Year to contact home.

…I forget my work or homework

If you forget to bring your work, make sure you speak to the subject teacher first thing in the morning.  If it is unusual for you to forget your work the teacher will probably ask for it the following day.  If you frequently forget your work you will have to attend a catch up.

...I would like a locker

Lockers are useful to store school items in so your school bag isn’t too heavy. To have your own locker, you will need to take a £5 deposit to the Attendance Team and they will be able to allocate you one. or your friend feel like you are being bullied or you see another student being bullied

Tell someone about what is happening – a friend or family member, your Head of Year or a teacher.  It is always good to talk to someone that will support you and help develop strategies for you to be able to deal with situations when you feel vulnerable. #strongertogether

Remember, school cannot help if we don’t know about it. are concerned about home

  • Talk to your Form Tutor.
  • Talk to your Head of Year.
  • Talk to the Designated Safeguarding Lead. are concerned about friendships

  • Talk to your Form Tutor.
  • Talk to your Head of Year. are concerned about a friends well-being

  • Talk to your Form Tutor.
  • Talk to your Head of Year.
  • Talk to the Designated Safeguarding Leads.

You will find your Head of Year and the Safeguarding Leads in the Pastoral Hub on Level 3 for the support you need.