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Bolton St Catherine's Academy

Bolton St Catherine's Academy

Year 11 Prom Information

All our students are invited to the prom and this is a great spectacle and a fantastic way to celebrate their achievements at Bolton St Catherine’s Academy. However, as a school we will reserve the right to refuse admission to the prom. The prom is an opportunity to say farewells to students who have been a positive part of the Bolton St Catherine’s Academy community for the last five or twelve years. The prom is a celebration of a student’s time at school and there are certain behaviours and actions that if demonstrated we do not feel it is appropriate to invite them to a celebration event. These expectations will be continually repeated throughout the school year so that all students are aware of what is expected of them.

To attend the prom we would therefore expect:

  • Good attendance to school (95%+)
  • Punctuality to school and lessons
  • Behaviour that reflects the home school agreement
  • Attendance to all exams in school
  • Attendance to additional lessons or sessions after school and during holiday time


It may be one or a combination of the above criteria that will prevent your child from attending the prom. This is not something we will take lightly and the process we will undertake to come to a decision will involve parents/carers however, the final decision will always be ours.

Class of 2022 Prom


Each student will have the opportunity to achieve a discount on their ticket through their 'Passport to the Prom'



The Prom will take place at Rivington Barn on 4th July 2023. It is an amazing celebration of your child's time at BSCA and a great way to end this part of their educational journey.

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