Transition into Secondary


Welcome to Bolton St Catherine's Academy

Welcome to BSCA

We are delighted that [student name] has been offered a place at BSCA. We have a team of staff in place to help and support you and [student name] through this exciting time as they transition into the next stage of their education.

Our Academy values are ‘Believe, Strive, Care and Achieve’ - we want each student to believe in themselves, to strive to be the very best they can, to care for our community and to achieve the very best academic results possible. These values will drive all that we do together at BSCA and help to shape each student and who they become.

We have put together a 'Transition Video', which gives you information about the transition process and lets you visually see us and our Academy. 



Included In our Welcome Pack:


Welcome Booklet – click here to read now.

The Welcome booklet provides you with lots of information about our Academy


Data Collection Form – click here to complete now.

This form asks you for information that we need from you as soon as possible, including:

  • Personal and contact details
  • Healthcare/Medical details
  • Academy agreements and permissions
  • Welcome Meeting – request for your preference of date and time.

Should you have any questions or concerns with regards to transition, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01204 332533 or

We are looking forward to your family becoming part of the BSCA community.


Yours sincerely

Rachael Lucas


Key contacts

01204 332533 or

Jason.jpg                     Fairclough, Marissa.jpg                    Williams, Sarah (2).jpg

                    Mr Whittaker                              Mrs Fairclough                            Mrs Williams

              Deputy Headteacher                      Head of Year 7                 Administration Manager

                                                                         Transition Lead


Key Dates 

Welcome Viewing Events - March

New Ties and uniform (13).JPG

We would like to offer parents another opportunity to view our Academy, this time in action!

Therefore, we are offering three sessions available for you to attend if you wish:

  • Thursday 3rd March @ 2pm
  • Tuesday 15th March @ 2pm
  • Friday 18th March @ 9am

Please arrive at our main entrance on Stitch-Mi-Lane (BL2 4HU) to be welcomed by our Reception Team. You will be able to have a tour of the Academy with some of our staff and students. You will also have the opportunity to have a chat with our Headteacher. Parents/Carers and students are welcome.


School Welcome Visit – June

During June our Senior and Pastoral Leaders will visit your child’s school to introduce themselves, welcome them to BSCA, give them more information about who we are and what they can expect, and give your child the opportunity to ask any questions they might have. It also gives us the opportunity to speak to your child’s current teacher.

We will contact your child’s school directly to arrange this visit.


Welcome Meetings with our Senior and Pastoral Leaders 27th June – 1st July

Our Welcome Meetings are for parents/carers and students to meet with either a Senior or Pastoral Leader. During the meeting our staff will discuss: 

S2S 1.png

  • a typical Academy day
  • our Academy expectations
  • our Academy agreements
  • any support that may be required for your child
  • our parent apps
  • key dates and events we are running as part of our transition process.

In addition to this, you will be required to bring:

  1. Your child’s ID – birth certificate, passport or identity card.
  2. If applicable, you will be able to complete a Health Care Plan for your child if they have any medical conditions that may affect them in school.

We will be contacting you by email and phone to arrange the day and time of your meeting based on your preference.



Induction Day – Friday 8th July – 9.00am – 2.45pm

On Friday 8th July, we will be holding your child’s Induction Day where your child will be released from their current Primary School to spend the day with us at BSCA.

Students love this day, and it gives them an opportunity to experience our amazing building and facilities, and spend some time with some of our staff and students whilst having fun.

During the day they will:DSC_0107.JPG

  • Experience a day as a student at BSCA.
  • Meet fellow students in their year group.
  • Meet Mrs Fairclough, Head of Year 7.
  • Find out which form they will be in, and meet their Form Tutor.
  • Visit different subjects, and find out the kind of lessons you will be having.

They will need to arrive at our main entrance on Stitch-Mi-Lane (BL2 4HU) to be welcomed by our Pastoral Team between 8.45am and 9.00am. They will finish for the day at 2.45pm and leave via our main reception on Stitch-Mi-Lane.


Summer School – Thursday 1st September to Friday 2nd September

Due to the success and enjoyment of holding a Summer School in previous years, we will once again be holding a Summer School this year for our new Year 7 group.

We have already started planning the activities and if you ask any of our current Year 7 students that attended, they will tell you how much they enjoyed it, and would definitely recommend it

During the two days students will be taking part in fun activities aimed at helping them to get to know their new year group before they begin on Tuesday 6th September.

This year we have already booked the Army Engagement Team in again, Manchester United Foundation who work with our student in school already, along with Art and Textiles, Music, Dancing and Drama.

Summer School Images.PNG


What happens next?

  • Make a note of these dates in your diary/calendar.
  • Complete the Data Collection Form
  • Read our Welcome Booklet with your child to find out more about us.
  • Keep an eye out for emails/messages from us via our Administration Manager or our Schoolcomms/School Gateway communication system as we will keep you up to date throughout this transition period. This is also another way for you to contact us.


Students and parents can keep connected to BSCA using our website and social media:

Website -
This gives you a wealth of information about BSCA from our contact details, news updates, our values and vision, welfare and Christian support, expectations and values, curriculum information, and much much more, please use it to get to know BSCA better.

Facebook - /OfficialBSCA/
We use Facebook to update you with events that will be happening in school, celebrating students, trips student have gone on and sharing what is happening in the community.

Twitter - @official_BSCA
We use Twitter to celebrate our students, share with you trips students have gone on and what is happening in the community.

Our Christian Youth Support team have taken over our Instagram account, and share with you messages of support, celebrations throughout the year, all about the fundraising we do and how well we do it.

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