Thought of the Week - A persons gift makes room for him - Proverbs 18_16-page-001.jpg



This week we are launching another great initiative in school, 'Christmas Dinner on Jesus' with Urban Outreach.  

Have you ever been poorly and someone has brought you a warm meal? Do you remember the way it made you feel? As a school, one of our core values is community. Being part of a community brings a sense of belonging, of value, and of support to someone. The bible explains in the verse above how a gift 'makes room' for more. A gift given to someone is far more than simply a gift, it shows a person they are part of a community; that a person belongs, is valued and is supported by another.


So what's our challenge this week? 

We are asking all staff and students to kindly donate gravy granules (specifically 200g) that will go towards making up Christmas dinner hampers for families in need across Bolton. Our goal is 1300 boxes, which we believe together we can absolutely reach!!! Our deadline for collecting them all is the 10th December.


When we give over this next month, let's remind ourselves and our students that we are giving far more than a box of gravy, we are giving someone the gift of community, which is priceless.