Anne Frank Creative Writing Award - Anya-Fae Seddon

This is amazing and so beautiful, please read...
Anya-Fae Seddon in year 8 has entered into a creative writing competition - the Anne Frank Creative Writing Awards. Her poem has been selected to be featured in an online gallery showcase.
Seddon, Anya-Fae - Year 8 - Certificate-page-001.jpgKitty
June 12th 1942
Happy 13th birthday
I know this situation isn't exactly ideal but I’m going to be here throughout it all
All the tears, all the worries, each emotion and every thought
With me I promise you’ll be safe
And although this will be tough
I swear on my life that I will be
A source of comfort and support just like you asked
Happy 13th birthday
July 6th 1942
Don't worry, we’ll be alright
I know that you’re scared and that suddenly things are changing
But promise me you won't let your mind become a hostage to the ages
Stay positive- don't let your heart and mind deteriorate
You have your family
And you have me
Together we are stronger than you believe
Don't worry, we’ll be alright
You picked me up and made me yours and for 25 months I absorbed you thoughts
And like a waterfall
The words drowned my pages
I thought we’d be safe
I was adamant we’d make it
That was until
August 4th 1944
Please don't go
3 days ago I felt your touch for the last time, I thought this catastrophe was finally over
But I sensed your fear, your concern and discomfort as the gestapo got closer
And that's when you had to leave
They sent you away to the concentration camps
It was at that point I knew
I was nothing except ink on paper without you
Please don't go
February 1945
Is this the end?
I heard at the camps you're in a never ending war
Not only with the Nazis, but with yourself and your own thoughts
Manipulated, discriminated
You couldn't see clearly anymore
But even a blind man could have seen that you were hurt
Is this the end?
1st June 2020
If only you were still here
I’ve been published, just like you wanted, and we’re putting a stop to injustice
Your intelligence and perseverance has made a extravagant difference
You helped to fight against discrimination, put a stop to antisemtism
It broke me to see you go but it eases me to know
That our time together didn't go to waste
You spun the world around and put it back in the right place
If only you were still here