Red Cross logo.jpgAustralia Day - Thursday 13th February

Next Thursday our Secondary and Sixth Form Student Voice Team are raising money for the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal. We have lots of activities happening through the day:

  • Austrailia themed day - full uniform still needs to be worn, but students and staff can wear something in addition that is Australian themed - hat, badge, socks
  • Guess how many sweets in a jar @ form time - 50p a go to win the jar of sweets (Starburst)
  • Bake Sale @ lunch time- 20p - 50p for cookies, buns, cakes etc.
  • Cricket match @ lunch time - Staff v's Students - 50p a go to guess how many runs each team will get.
  • Bushtucker Trials @ lunch time - 50p to pick which teacher you want to take part in the trial 

The day will not disrupt lessons, but will hopefull be fun for students to get involved in some way.    

We would really appreciate it if donations of shop bought cakes, cookies, muffins etc. could be donated and brought into school by Wednesday, and send in your child with a little extra money for the day.    

It is devastating news about the bushfires in Australia which seem to have no end at the moment. I have a friend who lives in Australia (she is from Harwood), and she said it was such a relief to come home for Christmas so she could breath fresh air, and took her 4 days to get back to home to Australia because of the affect on flights. The fires are now only 5km away from her home. Last week, she was given notice to pack up ready for evacuation as the fires was now very close.      

Help Aus pic.jpg                                                 

We really hope you can support us in our efforts to raise some money to help the emergency services and victims.