Calling all Class of 2020 Year 11 students

We have now received certificates from the exam boards for our Class of 2020 Year 11 students.

It is with deep sadness that we are not able to celebrate together and personally give Class of 2020 Year 11 students their certificates this year, but we have now received them from the exams boards and can now make them available for collection from Wednesday 9th December.

It is so important for Class of 2020 Year 11 students to collect their certificates for their further education and/or working life as proof of their qualifications. We can however, only hold certificates for a minimal amount of time, so please make every effort to collect them, as it costs more than £40.00 per certificate (i.e. per subject, so if you did 10 subjects, it would cost more than £400.00 to replace them).

A few things that they need to know when collecting them:

Rewards and Recognition.png

        • They can be collected from Wednesday 9th December until Thursday 17th December 8-4pm from our Main Reception on Stitch-Mi-Lane.
        • It must be only be the Class of 2020 Year 11 student that collects the certificates.
        • The student must bring photo ID with them as proof of identify before the certificates can be given.
        • We now also have to record what our former students are doing now, so we will also ask you where they are studying/working and what they are studying/what is their job.
        • We will give you your certificates in a BSCA wallet to protect them, although it is not waterproof.

Please pass these details onto any Class of 2020 Year 11 students, and we look forward to seeing them when they collect their certificates.

If collecting the certificates is going to be a problem, please just email and we will do my best to help.

We hope you all have a lovely Christmas and New Year.

All the best from everyone at BSCA.