#IAMBSCA Honours for February

The results are in and the winners are…



Our staff honours in primary goes to the fantastic Miss Simpson for being helpful, kind and caring. We love that on kindness week in school, that is what she is known for all the time.

Our student of the month for primary is Ethan O’Niell, who was nominated for always being up for a challenge.


Our staff member of the month is Miss Stubbs, who gained several nominations for being an overall amazing teacher, and again… being very KIND! (She also is my personal winner for the best photo on the board so far!!!)

Our student of the month is the amazing Bushambale Gamama, who has really supported a friend recently and helped build confidence in her in school. What a brilliant reason!


We are finally excited to announce that from this next month onwards, we will now be drawing a winner for the sixth form staff member and student of each month. Please can we make all 6th form students aware there will be a nominations box in the main office upstairs.

Love each other with genuine affection, and take delight in honouring each other” – Romans 12:10