We are back with our first winners of the #IAMBSCA Honours awards for the new academic year!

Septembers winners are:

For Primary

Our congratulations goes to MrSaunders, Richard (2).jpg Saunders, who by far received the most  nominationsLukas Lomax so far for a whole host of reasons, but could be summed up in ‘always making every child feel cared for and included’. The pupil award goes to Year 4 student Lukas, who very kindly ‘helped someone up when they had fallen over and hurt themselves’.


For Secondary;

A huge congratulations to Miss Knee who received many nominations for being ‘vIAMBSCA Honours Sept 18.JPGery caring, helpful and for always being there’. Alongside one of her Year 8 student Jemima, for ‘always showing a great attitude’. You can now see their faces up on our honours board across form the library.


Nomination boxes and slips are back out and will be drawn again at the end of October. Please pass on your congratulations personally to the people above, and rally all pupils and staff to place their own nominations for next month.

“Love each other with genuine affection, and take delight in honouring each other”

Romans 12:10

Thank you

Tina Crossley - Christian Based Youth Worker