May 19.docx-page-001.jpgMay’s #IAMBSCA honours

May’s honours has been drawn, and I’m pleased to announce last month’s winners were;

For Primary;

Staff member Mr Atkinson was awarded our honours for the month of May; for consistent being a great teacher and for always being kind. The lovely Amelia Lindstead from year 2 was announced our student winner for always seeing the best in people, and for always placing nominations for others in the box every month without fail!

For Secondary;

Our one and only Paul Rushton from the Site Team has been given the title of Mr May. He’s rarely seen without a smile and is consistently helping others, going above and beyond his role over the past 11 years. Oliver Sampson from year 8 is our student of the month for 3 incredible reasons; he’s positive, resilient and determined!!!

Well done to all our winners; the nomination boxes are open again for our June awards