This weeks message from our lovely Christian Youth Worker - Tina Crossley.

‘Don’t withhold good from those who deserve it when it’s in your power to act’ – Proverbs 3:27'.



This week we are launching our Harvest collection throughout the academy, where over the month of October we are asking people to bring tins of food to donate the local charity we support called ‘Urban Outreach’. We all have the power to do good like the verse above says; whether that's by encouraging someone with words, smiling at someone as they walk past, or helping someone with a task. We pride ourselves as an academy in having the value of ‘Compassion’ as one of our foundations, and this month is all about putting that into practice.



The challenge to us all as an academy, both staff and students, is to each bring 1 tin of food and pop it in the ‘Urban Outreach Grub Tub’ which is found in my room (Reflection Room, floor 2). This is an opportunity to put legs on this verse above and show our students how the bible is so relevant and applicable to our everyday lives, and that it goes on to make a difference to those around us. Let’s stand together as a school community and really make a difference by collecting as many food tins as we can. I’ll let you know the total at the end of the month!

Watch this clip:

Harvest - Oct18.png