Nela's Powerful Poem

Another amazing piece of work from one our our talented students, please read...

Nela Dunova in year 8 who entered into a creative writing competition - the Anne Frank Creative Writing Awards has written this powerful poem highlighting one of the all too real misuses of modern technology poem:

Alone, I sit alone.Dunova, Nela - Anne Frank Competition.PNGMy thoughts have nowhere to go.
I scroll through my phone,
They’re still being mean, even though
They already know
That the words they throw
Make others feel low.

The more you scroll down,
The more you will see
That every word can bring a frown,
To a person like me.
People’s thoughts can get lost like at sea

They can get so lost that it’s impossible to flee.
Cruel comments can carelessly corrupt children...

Words can hurt just as much as actions
And sometimes they do...
Both cause pained reactions
And make painful memories stick with you.
And even if others think your pain is untrue,
And their mean words continue
I know that we’ll be able to make it through.

Why not show love instead of hate?
Why make others depressed?
When their lives are going great
Instead, they point of stuff that gets others stressed
A lot of people in society are oppressed.
But even after all this I still suggest
That you should be yourself.