New Ties with students.jpg

Back in the Autumn term, our student council started to look at our school uniform. In particular we the students concentrated on the school tie. As part of their research they looked at the design and the significance of the colours. They also looked at and compared a range of other designs.

From this point, the student council started to design a new school tie. We literally had dozens of options and these were narrowed down  to five designs. From here the designs were presented to the students across the Academy. Each tie’s significant design was explained to the students and then they had an opportunity to vote for their favourite.

The most popular tie was:

New ties.jpg 

As we move into September and a new academic year, the students will be presented with their new tie in the first week of term in school  at a BSCA ceremony.

As a gesture, BSCA have agreed to purchase every student with their new tie, The only thing we now have to decide is which colour strip belongs to each year group!!!


Mr Whittaker