Noah Hardy 702 English

"Write a poem in the style of William Wordsworth about something that you can see outside."

As I look out in my garden,

It’s all so peaceful,

Not at all like it usually is,

No children playing or shouting,

No laughter or the sound of children having fun,

Although the birds can still be heard and squirrels can still be seen,

The silence is almost deafening,

It could quiet easily be called the sound of covid 19.


Oh covid 19! What a depressing word,

I can’t wait to see the back of you,

That day will be so joyful and great,

I will sit were I am today and look out of this same window,

Oh how the sight will be so different,

I will invite my friends round to play,

The laughter, playing, shouting and fun will resume,

covid 19 will be gone and the world will be empty of doom and gloom.


Its spring almost summer now and covid 19 is a distant memory,

The flowers are in full bloom and look so beautiful,

My friends and family are in the garden, enjoying life again,

I will never forget the day I looked outside and saw and heard the silence of the world,

I will be forever grateful for the life we live,

Although covid 19 is a distant memory now it will be with me forever,

I look outside and I’m grateful for all this life has to offer, the sounds, the silence but most of all the beauty of friends and family.