Climate's our future

Article by Year 10 student Rudi Platt

"My friends and I went on strike on Friday 20th September to raise awareness of climate change - it is our future, affecting our generation and those of our children.

We contributed the least to the problem yet will suffer the most, how is that fair?

Governments around the world are ignoring the issues or moving at a snails pace, and if no one does anything it will be too late. Animals are becoming extinct at an increasing rate and land is becoming inhospitable.

We joined the school strike because we wanted to help highlight the problems. We went on strike because it may be our last chance. We want to say thank you to our school for supporting us."


What an amazing groups of students we have that represent all of our four key values- standing up for what they 'Believe' in, 'Striving' for a better world, 'Caring' about others' to 'Achieve' great things.  

Climate Change.jpeg