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Welcome back! We hope you had a lovely half term and feel ready to go again for this next 5 weeks. I will be taking us through our staff thoughts for the week, and this time we will be looking at the life of Jesus, in the build up to Easter, reflecting of what he ‘believed, strived through, cared for and achieved.



Unlike Gideon who we looked at last time who had little belief in himself, Jesus was quite the opposite and was confident in his self-belief and in his identity. In the job roles we are in, we are all about caring for others. Our goal is to build up our students so they will dream big, be happy and healthy, and go on to achieve things in their future. However I think the trap we can all sometimes fall into is that we find it easier to build up others and see the strengths in them, than we do for ourselves.



This week let’s start the half term working on us; on our self-belief and inner confidence. If we are healthy, everything else we put our hands to becomes healthier. One of the ways we try to support our students is to encourage them to use a growth mind-set, but my question to us as staff this week is do we have a growth mind-set for ourselves? What language do we use about ourselves that needs changing? Maybe it’s not a change of circumstances you need in your life, but change of mind-set. Have a great week everyone!



This week’s staff quote is shared by Andrea Coates;

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

“Kind” said the boy.