The LORD has done great things for us; We are glad.’ Psalm 126:343ad319f0cf6d725c906a6b01eb9c91e.jpg



Let me start with a question – what have you achieved this term? When we hear a question like this our heads can instantly go to deadlines, test results and all our physical goals. Whilst these are important and necessary to how we function as a school, it’s sometimes important to look beyond this. As the end of term approaches and we focus on ‘getting things done’ it’s important that we don’t forget to celebrate the small wins, as well as the big ones. Beyond all the practicalities our individual roles include, how have you impacted another person this term? How have you empowered a student towards success? Where have you seen steps of progress made where you wouldn’t have expected?



There is much Gold we can miss in the middle of the madness of our lives, especially during the final push before half-term. However, before we break on Friday, ask yourself – what are you grateful for that has happened this past 6 weeks? When looking at the story of Gideon, we often look at the victory of the battle, but forget to acknowledge the people he empowered and the lives he spoke into along the way. So I’ll ask again – what have you achieved this term? What’s your success story of the past 6 weeks? Let’s always be conscious of appreciating the small moments of success as well as the big wins. Finally, how can you go beyond in the next few days to finish the term on a high?


Myself and the Chaplaincy team are praying you have a great week of and that you get all the rest you need!



This week’s staff quote comes from the awesome Simon Vale

“Do things for people not because of who they are or what they do in return, but because of who you are.”