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The peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds” Philippians 4 : 7

Thought of the week.pngIt’s often said that life is seasonal. We often go through seasons where life is calm and it feels like very little is going on – other times life gets so hectic and everything seems to happen all at once. With fast approaching deadlines, things to prepare for and inspections looming, we can really begin to feel the pressure. For some of us, pressure makes us thrive and motivates us to work. But for others, too much pressure has the ability to weigh us down rather than propel us forward. Whether you’re a professional procrastinator or the most organised person in the world, pressure can get to all of us if we don’t deal with it correctly.


Challenge of the week.pngSometimes the last thing you want to do in the middle of a hectic season is press pause and take a moment, but it is so important that we learn to have rest as part of our rhythm in life. Do you have enough rest? What does rest look like for you and are you intentional about adding some self-care space in your week? It’s not an easy thing to do, but it is crucial to our well-being. Gideon, who we have been looking at this term, recognised that his army of Israelites were weary and afraid in the face of the battle ahead. Therefore, he made the decision to allow those who weren’t up for the fight to stay home and rest. What pressures are you carrying that you can put down, so that you can face what is ahead? Myself and the Chaplaincy team are always here to support you with whatever you may need.

Staff quote of the week.pngSTAFF QUOTE OF THE WEEK

This week’s staff quote comes from the one and only Jason Whittaker

‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast everyday’