Some exciting news from Bolton St Catherine’s Academy.......

Yesterday saw the official presentation of Licensed Organisation for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award to Bolton St Catherine’s Academy. 

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award was introduced to the school in September 2017 by Mr Christopher Hill, Deputy Head, to give students the opportunity to expand their skills beyond the curriculum. 

By doing the DofE Award, students undertake four sections in their own time to enhance their skills in areas such as team work, resilience, confidence and communication - all the skills employers look for in an applicant. 

The sections include volunteering, physical, skill and expedition. The first group of students to complete the award chose to learn First Aid as their skill with our in house First Aid Trainer Mrs Lindsay McDonald. Mrs McDonald said, “The students were passionate about wanting to learn what to do in a medical emergency. They not only gained skills to help each other whilst on expedition, but also to save someone’s life outside of school. They’re skills for life that all young people should be taught.”

As part of their physical sections, many students took up a new hobby like football, archery or running. Several joined the local Parkrun each Saturday at Leverhulme Park and made the commitment to improving their fitness on a weekly basis. 

The volunteering aspect of the award saw some of our students attending a care home on a weekly basis to interact with the elderly. Louise Hamar, age 14 and Mollie Christie, age 14 would play dominoes and card games with the older ladies and sometimes paint their nails and give them manicures. Mollie said, “It was really nice to visit the ladies each week, they were so kind and really looked forward to us coming.”

Others volunteered in charity shops, church halls and local children’s clubs supporting the community in many different ways. 

Mr Christopher Hill, DofE Manager at the Academy said, “We are so proud of the first ever students at Bolton St Catherine’s Academy in achieving their Bronze Award this year. They have showed such commitment and resilience throughout.”

15 students in Year 9 achieved the award which culminated in a two day self sufficient expedition over Winter Hill. Many of the students camping and cooking for themselves for the first time. 

This year we have 30 students set to take on the Bronze award in addition to the current students who will progress to Silver Award. 


Pictured left to right with certificate and plaque. 

Back: Louise Hamar, Oliver Belle, Christopher Hill, Pam Sleigh, Mollie Christie, Alfie Platt

Front: Holliejo Davies, Beryl Ngogeh

DoE Licensed organisation - 8th November 2018.jpg