The Languages Challenge 2019

The Languages Challenge is specially designed for children with an interest in languages.

The languages available for this challenge are French, German and Spanish. The Year 8 group chose to study French: Kacy, Joe Stones, Ted, Amber, Madison and Jemima.

The Challenge asked the group to complete various tasks about languages. Each task was worth either 5, 10 or 15 points; depending on difficulty and they had to reach 100 points so had to complete many tasks. 

There were seven categories:

-Learning the Basics
-Using your Talents
Each member of the group completed the challenge and were awarded a Certificate of Achievment by the Routes into Languages organisation.The group told us that "The Languages Challenge really benefits our learning and we are eager to learn more."
Well done Kacy, Joe Stones, Ted, Amber, Madison and Jemima, we are so very proud of you.
The Learning Challenge
The Learning Challenge Group