Thought of the Week

‘They (the first church) devoted themselves to teaching, to fellowship…they sold their possessions to give to anyone who had need…praising God’ – Acts 2:42-47



This half term in our assemblies, form reflections, and ‘thought for the week’, we’re looking at what the purpose of the church is. To figure this out we’re looking back at what the church was originally started for in the bible, and what that means about the relevance of the church today. We’re going to be breaking it down into 4 things that are found in the book of Acts. There, it explains the church was created for COMMUNITY, GIVING, TEACHING and WORSHIP.


The first one we’ll look at today is ‘community’. Loneliness is a huge issue across our British culture, one that can often lead to social anxiety and depression, only strengthening the reason why it is so important we find community with others. It’s what the church is there for in our town, so there would be a place for everyone to feel valued and a sense of belonging despite their hobbies, income, personality, age, gender, race…the list is endless.



Here at school we have had ‘community’ as one of our values for years, understanding that though each student and staff member is different, we can find our fit together as one whole academy. Just as a physical body has many different parts, yet each is needed for the body to function. This week encourage our students to embrace their differences and add those unique qualities together as a community, to create something so original here at school that no-one feels they cannot fit or belong at BSCA.