Crossley, Krystina - BSCA - Christian Based Youth Worker - Mar18.jpgLast weeks message from our lovely Christian Youth Worker        Tina CrossleyI am who I am – Exodus 3.14.png


I am who I am’ – Exodus 3:14




If you needed a good laugh with a friend, who would you go to? If you needed advice about a relationship, who would you go to then? Or if you needed help choosing out an outfit to wear for a big event, which friend would you ask to help you choose. My answer to all 3 would probably be someone different each time. We all know that person who is supportive, the one who is hilarious, and the one who is fashionable. When God says in the verse above that ‘I am who I am’, he doesn’t restrict himself to one thing. He is making it clear to us, that he is all you need, for whatever you go through.



Whatever you find your needs are this week, God can help you. If you need hope, his word promises all things can be turned into something good in the end. If you need strength to carry on with a situation, look around for the people he’s placed in your life to help get you through it. If you need peace about things that are worrying you, he’s given you the gift of prayer to help your mind stay healthy and rested. It might not come naturally to us to think that God has what we need, but maybe we need to see that what God has placed around us is from him


Let’s also remind students of the things God has placed around us, to help us through any situation we may face.