Then Jesus went around doing good – Acts 10 38.jpg

‘Then Jesus went around doing good’ – Acts 10:38



We’re spending a week at a time as an academy looking at each of the gospels in the bible, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Each shows a different aspect of the life of Jesus. This week is the book of Luke, which focuses on how Jesus helped others no matter what their status was in society. This is such a powerful tool, to help someone despite you’re your level of relationship with them. It creates an environment where people feel valued and appreciated.



We recently launched Guardian Angels in school between the staff, which has been really good and I know people have massively appreciated. If you’ve not yet signed up to be a part of this then I really encourage you to get signed up!  But let’s also not be confined to this. Let’s take inspiration from the verse above and go around school doing good. Smile more at people. Buy an extra brew for someone. Ask someone if they need help with anything that day.


Let’s create an environment here at BSCA where we can’t get through a day without feeling supported and appreciated by each other. And as always, pass this challenge onto students so they can do the same.