Thought of the Week by Tina Crossley our Christian Youth Support Worker

‘Don’t become so well-adjusted to your culture that you fit into it without even thinking’ – Romans 12:2


Happy new year to you all team!!!

How did you feel coming back to school this week, were you ready to get back to routine, or were you holding onto every second of lazy mornings without the rush of needing to be out the house by a certain time? Routine is like marmite, some love it and some hate it. But like it or not, routine is part of our lives and is good for our self-discipline and for achieving our goals. We need to learn to love the balance of resting well, and of doing routine really well, so we don’t spend our lives wishing time away counting down the weeks till the next half term. Our challenge is to not let Avebury Photo.jpgroutine become boring or monotonous, and as the verse says above, to not just ‘fit into it without even thinking’.



Find some time this week and take a blank sheet of paper to give your daily routine some fresh thinking. Make a list of what each day looks like in your week, then ask yourself why do you do things that way? Is it the best way you could be doing things? Could some things do with a shake up? Are there any unhealthy habits that have crept in? Don’t let routine dictate your feelings, instead choose to do your daily routine the best way you can. If you need any help giving things a shake-up, you know where I am J


Let’s do this year with intention and purpose!