"Worship God if you want the best, worship opens doors to all His goodness” – Psalm 34:9 (message version)



This half term we are looking at the purpose of the church, with focus this week on how it says the church is there to worship God. Now bear with me here, there’s no skirting around this topic, but this is far more than just religious talk. The definition of worship is to ‘express a feeling of adoration’. We all worship something; maybe for you it’s your partner, fashion, a football team or even money…but we probably just don’t use the terminology of ‘worship’. The bible says in the verse above, that worship opens doors to things, and if that’s true then the question we need to ask is; what is the thing you are worshipping, opening doors to?



First have a think about what it is you worship/adore, then think about what that open’s you up to. Does it open doors to good things (or ‘goodness’ as the bible says); or does it open you up to things like comparison, insecurity or even hurts? Is it helping you, or hindering you? Do you need to pull back your adoration from some things and re-focus it on something else? As a Christian I choose to worship God who gives me true hope, joy and peace amongst any and every situation I find myself in. If anyone ever wants to talk over any of these thoughts, my door is always open to you.