Miss Begum tells us all about their amazing visit.................

Our Top 40 higher achievers in Year 10 had the opportunity to attend a campus visit to Oxford University – Pembroke College and Christ Church College. At Bolton St Catherine’s Academy we aim to inspire our students to think ahead, to aim high and believe that not only is this an opportunity but its achievable.  

The university has no central campus but is made up of over 30 colleges and halls spread across the city centre and beyond. These colleges are at the heart of Oxford's reputation as one of the best universities in the world and make it a very special place to study and live. Every student belongs to a college as well as being a member of their course department and the University. This means all Oxford students have the benefits of belonging to both a large, world-class university and to a small and friendly academic community.

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Year 10 students took a tour around Pembroke College, and Christ Church. Christ Church is one of the larger colleges.

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We visited the magnificent 18th-century library. We were privileged to see the original bible that belonged to the first queen, an anatomy class that took place in the library of a real bone structure of a horse.

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We had the opportunity to eat in the dining hall

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Attended an academic taster session on Chinese with Flaminia Pischedda – learning about how the Chinese literature has evolved over the years and the written form was created.

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We visited the Christ Church Chapel and the students were in ore of its history.

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Students had the the opportunity to explore Oxford and visit some shops. Although it was a long journey for one day, it was definiteley worth it as those memories will last forever!