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Every student at BSCA has a unique account on SCO where parents & guardians are able to pay for trips, clubs, and dinners. A letter should be issued for new students that provides a code that will enable parents/carers to register an account for each student. Parents/carers must download and register with the app to enable them to add monies to their child's account.

To activate the portal, simply enter the student code from the letter into the SCO app or at www.scopay.com and follow the registration steps.

  • Primary students will have access to clubs and trips only.
  • Secondary and 6th Form students will have the options for dinners and trips.

Please note: only selected trips will be made available on-line.  Please refer to the guidance offered on trip advisory letters as to how to make payment.

Once the portal is active, you will see the current balances for the student as relate to dinners, trips, and clubs.  You can even set-up alerts that will remind you when the funds are low or payments are due!

Should you have more than one student at BSCA, it is possible to link them all into one portal for yourself.  To do so, you simply log-in with the code for the first student, select menu and manage accounts, and then link accounts.  This step will open a window where you can then enter the additional student code to be linked under a single log-on for yourself.

In the event that you require a re-issue of the code, please contact finance@boltonstcatherinesacademy.org.uk to do this.  Additional codes can also be provided for other adults (family members etc.,) to access and top-up the student accounts – this will simply add onto the student account. and there is no option to withdraw funds.

A number of FAQs and guides are available on the SCO website that offer detailed guidance on the registration process, as well as how you can set-up automatic payments to add funds etc.

Parent Guide - Managing your Account

Parent Guide - Making Payments

Parent Guide - Recurring Payments