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HegartyMaths is the best way for your child to learn maths on their own at home.

  1. Every single topic in school maths (850+) is explained in 10 minute video tutorials designed and delivered by, Mr Colin Hegarty. 

  2. After every video, HegartyMaths, has an assessment with questions covering everything taught in the video so students can practise and ensure they understand the maths Mr Hegarty just presented.

  3. HegartyMaths records everything your child ever does on the system (their progress and effort), reporting it back to the teacher and to the child so it’s clear what their strengths and weaknesses are and how hard they are working.

  4. HegartyMaths allows a parent to see everything their child needs to learn and support them.  Often parents who may be unsure of the schools methods like to watch the videos along with their child and understand the techniques their child needs to know.

  5. HegartyMaths, remembers all the child’s mistakes and gives them practice on their weaknesses so they can do impactful independent learning. 


Activate your account

Your child has already been registered with HegartyMaths. If they have not yet started to use it, all they need to do is activate their account by following the instructions below.

  1. Go to https://hegartymaths.com/ and click "Student Login" in the top right-hand corner

    1. Start typing Bolton St Catherine’s Academy in the box and click on the link in the drop down menu.

    2. Complete Firstname, Surname, and Date of Birth.

    3. Create a password.