Our Governing Board

Message from the Chair of Governors

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It is a great privilege to serve as Chair of Governors at Bolton St Catherine's Academy, a school that has always had a special place in my heart.

As an ex-government educational adviser, a speaker and writer on all things education and a former secondary headteacher, I have been supporting the school now for almost fifteen years, the last seven of which were as a member of the governing body.

As parents, you can rest assured that the governors at Bolton St Catherine's Academy are passionately committed to helping the Head and the staff enhance the life chances of every child and enable them all to succeed.

We involve ourselves as much as possible in the day to day schooling of your children and what we see pleases us greatly;

  • pupils' faces reflecting the warmth and positivity of the corridors and classrooms
  • confident young people wanting to progress and knowing what it takes to do so
  • students taking the opportunity to thrive and grow into responsible citizens
  • leaders relentless in the pursuit of excellence
  • staff of high expectation giving their best for their students in a culture that has our values 'believe, strive, care and achieve' at its core.

As members of The Bishop Fraser Trust, we face the future in an atmosphere of trust and togetherness in which staff from all three schools support each other on the road of continuous improvement. That road is never smooth and schools everywhere face the challenge of change but we can assure you that all at Bolton St Catherine's Academy are committed to going further than we thought, running faster than we hoped and reaching higher than we dreamed. It is an ambitious goal and we, the governors, are proud to share that journey.